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The Tektronix TDS640 is a 500 MHz, 2 GS/s quad-channel digital storage scope.

It has Tekprobe BNC connectors on all input channels.

The dual-channel version is the TDS620.

Key Specifications

Bandwidth 500 MHz
Sampling rate 2 GS/s on all 4 channels
Time base 500 ps/Div to 5 s/Div
Deflection 1 mV/Div to 10 V/Div
Resolution 8 bits
Record length 500 to 2000 points
Input impedance 1 MΩ // 10 pF, or 50 Ω
Interface GPIB standard
  • Centronics interface
  • RS-232 interface
  • FFT, integration and differentiation


Repair issues

A common failure reason on early TDS-family scopes are surface-mounted capacitors leaking corrosive electrolyte.

Pictures of TDS640

Pictures of TDS640A