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Tektronix TDS694C
3 GHz, 10 GS/s digital scope

Produced from 2002 to (?)




(All manuals in PDF format unless noted otherwise)
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The Tektronix TDS694C is a four-channel, 3 GHz, 10 GS/s digital scope. The project codename was 'Screamer'.

No earlier revisions (TDS694B etc) appear to have been released.

These scopes contain ICs in the triggering system that are known to fail, commonly understood to be for thermal reasons. Three ICs are present: Ch 1/2, Ch 3/4, 'Other' (ext trig?). The ICs appear to have poor thermal contact with the PCB; when failed, the scope will no longer trigger on the relevant channels (however, signals will still be acquired). It is possible to transplant these ICs with standard SMT hot-air rework equipment. The 'Other' IC has been used as a donor in some cases.

Do not operate this scope without the case on, WITHOUT extra cooling means.

The low (by modern standards) memory length, coupled with the high sample rate of this scope, means that it is best described as a 'one-shot' (or 'transient') digitizer. At the fastest sweep (100 ps/div), only 3 μs of data can be captured with the standard memory allocation.

Key Specifications

     — Acquisition
Sampling rate 10 GS/s on each channel simultaneously
Analog bandwidth 3 GHz (all ranges; 10 mV/div − 1V/div)
Inputs 4 Channels; 50 Ω (DC/GND) only
Resolution 8 bit
Record length 30K samples per channel; 120K samples with option 1M
Modes sample, envelope, peak detect, average
     — Misc
Display 7" diagonal, 640 x 480 color CRT; Zoom
Trigger modes Edge, logic, pulse
Storage 1.44 Mbyte, 3.5 inch, DOS 3.3-or-later floppy disk. Internal hard disk drive (2.1 Gb capacity) with Option 2M. NVRAM storage for saving waveforms, hardcopies, and setups. Iomega Zip Drive compatible.
I/O Full GPIB programmability; VGA output
Hardcopy output using GPIB, RS-232, or Centronics ports



  • 05 - Video Trigger - Oscilloscope comes with tools that allow investigation of a range of NTSC, PAL, SECAM, and high definition TV signals.
  • 13 - RS-232C and Centronics hardcopy interfaces - Add RS-232-C and Centronics interface ports.
  • 1F - Floppy disk drive - Add 3.5 inch, 1.44 MByte floppy disc drive.
  • 1G - 1 GS/s maximum - Limit sample rate from 5 GS/sec to 1 GS/sec when acquiring 1 to 4 channels (Export restriction compliance). (TDS 754D Only)
  • 1M - 4M acquisition length - Extends standard acquisition length from 50,000 points per channel to 130,000 samples on three or four channels, 250,000 samples on two channels, and 500,000 samples on one channel.
  • 2F - Advanced DSP math - Add advanced DSP math features such as FFT, integration, and differentiation.
  • HD - Hard Disk - 170Mb internal hard disk drive.

Optional Accessories

  • 34 - Differential probe Add a 1 GHz (probe only) P6247 differential probe.
  • 36 - Passive probe Add a 500 MHz P6139A 10X passive probe.
  • 38 - Active probe Add a 4 GHz (probe only) P6249 5X, small geometry active probe.
  • 39 - Differential probe Add a 1.5 GHz (probe only) P6248 small geometry active differential probe.
  • 1K - Add K420 scope cart
  • 1R - Rackmount kit
  • 24 - Add 4 each P6139A passive probes
  • 26 - Add 4 each P6245 active probes
  • C3 - Three years calibration Provides three years of calibration
  • D1 - Calibration data report Oscilloscope comes with a calibration data report.
  • D3 - Calibration data for C3 Provides calibration data for option C3
  • B2 - Hardcopy version of the programmers manual
  • L1 - Substitute French user manual
  • L3 - Substitute German user manual
  • L5 - Substitute Japanese user manual
  • L9 - Substitute Korean user manual

Standard Accessories

  • 071-0473-XX - User Manual (with programmer disk 063-3060-XX)
  • 071-0273-XX - TDS 600C Supplement
  • 020-2313-XX - Reference Manuals
  • 071-0630-XX - Technical Reference: Performance Verification and Specifications
  • No probes standard
  • 200-3696-01 - Front Cover
  • 161-0230-01 - U.S. Power Cord

Optional Accessories

  • P6339A 500 MHz high impedance probe
  • 071-0627-XX - Service Manual
  • 012-0991-01 - 1m GPIB cable
  • 012-0991-00 - 2m GPIB cable
  • 012-1298-00 - RS-232 cable
  • 012-1250-00 - Centronics cable
  • 016-0909-01 - Soft-sided carrying case
  • 016-01135-00 - Transit case
  • K420 - Scope cart
  • 016-1236-00 - Rack Mount Kit (for field conversion)

Software Options

  • LVWIN - LabVIEW for PC Windows OS
  • LWCVI - LabWindows for CVI system
  • LWDOS - LabWindows for DOS OS
  • S3FT400 - WaveWriter AWG and waveform creation software
  • TTiP - Telecommunications Templates and i-Pattern software
  • WSTR31 - WaveStar waveform capture and documentation software