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The Tektronix documentation indicates that the TDS series scopes are in fact multiple series but a note in this page suggests otherwise.

I have a TDS2012B and it's great - after 10+ years without calibration, the frequency counter is still spot on reading 10.000MHz from my reference.

I was going to start splitting out this page to help - but I thought I should drop a note in here while I read around and learn more.

You'll be kicking me for spelling colour here - I'll try to get myself to get over the grimacing and use another spelling for the final cut!
TDS1000 series 2 channel with monochrome display
TDS2000 series 2 channel colour

TDS1000B series 2 channel monochrome with USB IO and VISA
TDS2000B series 2 channel colour with USB IO and VISA

Series Display Interface
TDS1000 series Mono GPIB
TDS2000 series Colour GPIB
TDS1000B series Mono USB
TDS2000B series Colour USB

The catagories macro doesn't seem to be very useful in creating meaning ful pages...

Model Channels Bandwidth


Sample rate


TDS1002 2 60 1 Mono
TDS1012 2 100 1 Mono
TDS2002 2 60 1
TDS2012 2 100 1
TDS2014 4 100 1
TDS2022 2 200 2
TDS2024 4 200 2