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The following is a list of tasks that would improve Tekwiki. Feel free to ask on the discussion page if you have any question about how something is done.

  • Make PDFs text-searchable, i.e., process them with OCR software and re-upload the text-searchable copy. The processed file should be named the same as the original so links to the original point to the processed file. Guidelines on dealing with scans are here: Tekwiki Guidelines#Scans.
  • Add the "Needs OCR" category tag to PDFs that are not text-searchable. Delete the "needs OCR" in the link text.
  • For instrument pages that lack any photos, add at least one photo. Some possible sources of photos are catalogs, completed Ebay auctions, and original photos.
  • Add to the "Repairs" page of instruments if there are noteworthy maintenance issues.
  • Add captions to photos.
  • When there are two or more versions of an instrument (e.g., 7904 and 7904A), divide the photos of the different versions into separate galleries with headings identifying them what's in each gallery.
  • Add introduction dates to instrument pages. Catalogs are a source of information for this. Add the introduced=xxxx line in the respective page's instrument template.
  • Add specifications to instrument pages.
  • Upload scans of documents that are presently missing or incomplete on the wiki. We maintain lists of missing manuals:
  • If there is an instrument for which a paper manual is hard to find, add the Category:Fiche Scan Wanted tag to the instrument page.