Telequipment V5

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Telequipment V5
Single trace delay amplifier
Telequipment V5

Compatible with Telequipment D63 DM63 D75 D83

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The Telequipment V5 is a plug-in single trace vertical amplifier for the Telequipment D63, DM63, D75 / D755, and D83. In contrast to the Telequipment V1 it drops the 5× amplifier setting and replaces it with a 200 ns delay line allowing for the leading edge of a pulse to be inspected on the oscilloscope screen.

Key Specifications

Operating mode Single channel with approx. 200 ns delay
Deflection 5 mV/div to 20 V/DIV, ± 3%; variable ≥2.5 : 1
Risetime 23 ns in D63 or DM63
Bandwidth 15 MHz (in D63 or DM63)
Input Impedance 1 MΩ // 29 pF
Max. input voltage 400 V DC + peak AC
Power consumption 1.85 VA
Weight 1.0 kg approx.