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This is the "Oscilloscope" template.

If you have come here looking to edit the page for a particular instrument, you took a wrong turn – please do not edit this template.
Instead, please go back to the instrument's page and edit that.

This template is specific to oscilloscopes (for instruments other than oscilloscopes, please use the generic Instrument Sidebar template), and should be invoked in the following format:

This template should be invoked in the following format: Example:
{{Oscilloscope Sidebar 
{{Oscilloscope Sidebar
|series=XY-900 series scopes 
|summary=1.4 MHZ Oscilloscope
|image=Picture of Tek 699 scope.jpg
|caption=Description of the above picture
|series=690-series scopes
|designers=John Doe;Alice Bob
* [[Media:070-8765-43.pdf|Tek 699 Operator Manual]] (PDF)
* [[Media:070-9876-54.pdf|Tek 699 Service Manual]] (PDF)

manufacturer= and series= should be page names, designers= a semicolon-delimited list of page names.

This template adds [[Category:Introduced in (year)]] to the article. If the introduction or discontinuation year is unknown, please use (?) in its place, e.g. introduced=(?).

See Article templates for details on other templates available in TekWiki.