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This is the "Probe Sidebar" template.

If you have come here looking to edit the page for a particular instrument, you took a wrong turn – please do not edit this template.
Instead, please go back to the instrument's page and edit that.
This template should be invoked in the following format: Example:
{{Probe Sidebar
{{Probe Sidebar
|summary=25 MΩ probe
|image=Picture of XYZ Probe.jpg
|caption=Description of the above picture
|for=50 Ω scope inputs
|designers=John Doe;Jane Smith
* [[Media:000-0000-00.pdf|Type XYZ manual]]

manufacturer= should be a page name, for= should be a page name (of the series or model this plug-in is compatible with, such as "50 Ω scope inputs", "1 MΩ scope inputs", or a particular instrument).

This template adds [[Category:Introduced in (year)]] to the article. If the introduction or discontinuation year is unknown, please use (?) in its place, e.g. introduced=(?).

This template adds rows to the table "Products", which is declared by the template Product. View table.

See Article templates for details on other templates available in TekWiki.