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This is the "Vacuum Tube" template.

If you have come here looking to edit the page for a particular instrument, you took a wrong turn – please do not edit this template.
Instead, please go back to the instrument's page and edit that.

For CRTs, please use the more specific Template:CRT instead.

This template should be invoked in the following format: Example:
{{Vacuum Tube
|Type=Diode, Triode, Tetrode, Pentode, Triode/Pentode, ...
{{Vacuum Tube
|Part_nos=154-0014-00, 154-0206-00, 154-0084-00 
|Description=RF pentode

number= should be the US tube number e.g. 6DJ8, part_nos= a comma-delimited list of part numbers like 154-1234-56, used_in= a semicolon-delimited list of page names (without link brackets), e.g. "502;556".

This template adds rows to the table "Components", which is declared by the template Component. View table.

For a list of tubes used in Tek equipment, see page Vacuum tubes.

See Article templates for details on other templates available in TekWiki.