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Angelos userpage

Private life:

I'm a 1989 born German, who also lives in Germany.

Vacuum tube equipment is my not so secret love. I really enjoy the design of the pre 5000/7000-Series Tektronix test equipment. But still I know to value the "younger" equipment like the TM500-Series plug-in units.

My first reasonable scope for private use was a Tek 502A, that I bought with 16. Two years later I owned a Tek 5440 with two 5A48 and one 5B42 plug-in. My current workhorse since 2017 is a Tek TBS1052B.

Work life:

I'm working as an electronics technician for equipment and systems, mainly repairing stuff and eating candy.

Tektronix equipment I currently own (and use):

- Generate and measure:

TM503 + FG501A + DC503 + DM501A

TM501 + DM502



- Display:



564B + 3A6 + 3B3


- Misc: