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Tektronix WM782
Waveguide mixer
Tektronix WM782

Produced from 1989 to 1997

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The Tektronix WM782 is a series of waveguide mixers for 2780-series spectrum analyzers, e.g., the 2782, and 2784.

Actual spectrum analyzer measurements at millimeter wavelengths differ from lower frequency measurements in the transition from coaxial cables to waveguides. Most spectrum analyzers have an internal mixer upper frequency limit of 21 to 22 GHz, and utilize a type "N" RF input connector.

When the requirement measurement is above 22 GHz, some type of external mixing is required. Current techniques utilize harmonics of the spectrum analyzer first sweeping LO and an external harmonic waveguide mixer covering the designer frequency range. The mixers extend the frequency range of measurement up to as high as 325 GHz. Each mixer covers a separate frequency range, typically about two thirds of an octave.

Model No. Band Desig. Freq Range (GHz) Sensitivity
Waveguide (EIA) U-Type Flanges
WM782A A 26 to 40 -115 WR-28 UG-599/U
WM782Q Q 33 to 50 -115 WR-22 UG-383/U-M
WM782U U 40 to 60 -115 WR-19 UG-383/U-M
WM782V V 50 to 75 -110 WR-15 UG-385/U
WM782E E 60 to 90 -105 WR-12 UG-387/U
WM782W W 75 to 110 -105 WR-10 UG-387/U-M
WM782F F 90 to 140 -95 WR-08 UG-387/U-M
WM782D D 110 to 170 -90 WR-06 UG-387/U-M
WM782G G 140 to 220 -85 WR-05 UG-387/U-M
WM782J J 220 to 325 -75 WR-03 (?)


  • All mixers are equipped with standard UG-XXX/U type flanges. MIL-F-3022 type flanges are available in F, D, and G bands.
  • The waveguide name WR stands for waveguide rectangular, and the number is the inner long dimension width of the waveguide in hundredths of an inch (0.01 inch = 0.254 mm) rounded to the nearest hundredth of an inch. Waveguide height is half the waveguide width.
  • The Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) is the body that defined the WR designations for standard rectangular waveguides.
  • MIL-F-39000/3C, which describes flanges for double-ridge waveguides, was cancelled without replacement on January 20, 2009.