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Tektronix WP1020
Signal processing system

Produced from (?) to (?)

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The Tektronix WP1020 Digial Processing Oscilloscope System is a signal acquisition system with CP Bus Interface and TEK SPS BASIC software. It is compatible with CP4165 and CP1100 series controllers.

Configuration July 1978

Count Description Price
1 DPO Digitizing Oscilloscope
1 CP Bus Interface
2 7A16A Single-Trace Amplifier
1 7B80 Time Base
1 7B85 Delaying Time Base
1 012-0432-02 DPO/CP Bus Cable (2,0 meters)
1 TEK SPS BASIC on single floppy diskette with:
CP71171 DPO Driver Package
CP91171 Signal Processing Package
CP91271 Graphics Package
System manual and accessories

Options July 1978

Number Description Price
02 Delete plug-ins -$3,090
03 Delete interface cable, order desired length cable separately -$225
07 Delete TEK SPS BASIC -$6,435
09 Change line voltage (230 V/50 Hz) N/C
17 Delete Digitizing Oscilloscope -$9,850
20 Add CP1100/CP Bus Interface for controller +$925
21 Add CP4100/CP Bus Interface for controller +$750
22 Add CAMAC compatible interface for CAMAC crate (includes 3 meter CAMAC interface cable) +$1,590
24 Substitute IEEE 488 interface including 2m. cable for CP Bus Interface and cable +$2,460
40 Provide TEK SPS BASIC on cartridge disk +$120
42 Add R7912 Driver Package (combined with TEK SPS BASIC) +$1,375
43 Add TEK SPS BASIC high level support package CP89771 +$550
44 Add TEK SPS BASIC assembly level support package CP89772 +$2,750