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The Tektronix 321 is a very compact single-trace, single-timebase portable oscilloscope that is almost completely solid state. It was introduced on April 8th, 1960. The 321 includes several germanium bipolar transistors, which are a known reliability problem. The 321A was introduced in 1964. The 321 and 321A have slightly different circuits. Early instances of the 321 (sn pre-720) use a 5718 peanut tube as the front-end cathode follower. Later 321 and 321A use a 7586 Nuvistor for that role. Latest 321A (SN6000 up) use a FET 151-1011-01. In several circuits, the 321 uses OC170 transistors where the 321A uses 2N2207 transistors.

Tektronix 321 Manual

Tektronix 321A manual

Tektronix 321 factory calibration procedure

Needed 321A SN 6000 up

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