The Tektronix 067-1011-00 is a digital sweep generator plug-in for the TM500 system.

Tektronix 067-1011-00
digital sweep generator
Tektronix 067-1011-00

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It came with a 015-0408-00 peak-to-peak detector and 015-0413-00 detector head.

From the manual:

The 067-1011-00 Digital Sweep Generator (DSG) is designed to support the Performance Check and Adjustment procedures of the Tektronix 1900 Digital Test Signal Generator.

The Digital Sweep Generator provides a 10-bit digital data signal to drive the 1900 digital-to-analog converter (DAC) or any other video DAC compatible with the proposed SMPTE standard ("Digital Video Format for a Parallel Interface (System M/NTSC), July, 1979) digital video interface, generating a swept-frequency sinewave test signal. [...] The Digital Sweep Generator provides 10-bit, 14.31818 MHz (Mega samples per second) word data derived from a cosine lookup table stored in three PROMs. To generate digital data representing a 55.9 kHz sinewave, all 256 words stored in the PROMs are used.



Some Parts Used in the 067-1011-00

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
SG3524 156-0933-00 156-0933-01 156-1585-00 156-1585-01 Monolithic integrated circuit PWM switch-mode controller 067-1011-00 1502B 1502C 1503B 1503C 7A42