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Tektronix 2337
Ruggedized 100 MHz dual trace scope
Tektronix 2337

Produced from 1982 to 1991

(All manuals in PDF format unless noted otherwise)
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The Tektronix 2337 is a ruggedized portable dual-channel, 100 MHz analog scope. An A Ext connector (external signal to the A Trigger Generator) on the front panel, B Ext connector (external signal to the B Trigger Generator) on the front cover, and External Z-Axis connector at the rear round out its connectivity. The front cover also has a 3½ digit LCD for delta time (disconnects DMM from LCD readout), DC (up to 500 V), RMS AC (up to 350 V), and Ω (up to 20 MΩ) measurements, and B Trigger function.

Vertical controls were by way of calibrated deflection factors on CH 1 or CH 2 inputs through AC, DC, or GND coupling. The vertical mode selections are CH 1, ALT, CHOP (~275 kHz), ADD, CH 2, AUTO, X-Y, TRIG VIEW, or BW LIMIT (20 MHz). Horizontal deflection is controlled by either the calibrated A or B Sweep Generators, or Alternate between the two of the A, and B Delayed Sweep.

Trigger sources may be VERT MODE, CH 1, CH 2, LINE, EXT, and EXT ÷ 10. Trigger coupling can be AC, LF REJ, HF REJ, or DC, and can be controlled by amplitude level and slope type. The Trigger Modes may be set to AUTO, NORM, and SGL SWP.

Key Specifications

Bandwidth and Channels 100 MHz in a 1, 2, 5 sequence; Bandwidth is at least 88 MHz at 2 mV/div; 2 Channels
Deflection Factor CH 1, 2: 5 mV/div to 5 V/div, all ±3%; Variable control can increase sensitivity to at least 2 mV/div.
Input Impedance 1 MΩ ±2% and 20 pF ±10%
Maximum Input Voltage 400 V (DC + peak AC) or 500 V (p-p ac at ≤ 1 kHz)
Sweep Speeds A Time Base: 0.5 s/div to 50ns/div; B Time Base: 50 ms/div to 50 ns/div; A and B X10 magnifier extends max sweep to 5 ns/div
Trigger Source VERT MODE, CH 1, CH 2, LINE, EXT, and EXT ÷ 10
Trigger Coupling AC, LF REJ, HF REJ, or DC
Probes Two P6108A 100 MHz X10 probes, BNC connector with a readout pin; One P6101A X1 probe
Power 60 W max, 90 − 250 VAC, 48 − 440 Hz