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Hello Peter,

Can you recall where you found this image:

that you added to the 5444 page back in 2014?

If you look closely, it shows a 5443/D44 combination that didn't appear in the annual catalogs. Identifying which catalog that came from would help clarify when the scope was apparently sold with that name between publication of the 1975 annual catalog and the Great Renaming of 5xxx scopes before the 1976 catalog.

Best regards, -Paul Pmc (talk) 12:22, 3 April 2019 (PDT)

Hi Peter! Thank you for your flattering assessment of my photos.

As for the category. I also doubted if I should do it, but I took the final decision, noting that the T7912 (from 7912) had 2 links in subcategories before me.

If you really do everything according to your mind, then, it seems to me, it's best to make a link to the CRT list in general, and inside it already break down into types. In the end, rare magnetic deflections, storage tubes and tubes with distributed plates also deserve separate subcategories.

It, in principle, and done - the only trouble is that the tubes with the corresponding link in the subcategory are not automatically displayed in the corresponding section of the index table. And the subsections themselves are initially closed and open in a new window. It is not comfortable. For example, I got a tube 154-xxxx-02, I do not know what type it is. Came to look in the index table and did not find it. And he was hidden in the subsection "storage", for example!

Again, for example, the T7912 is both scan-converter CRT, and with distributed plates. On good, it should be written in both subsections. And in the section itself, too, so it was more convenient to look for the part number.

Sincerely, Vladimir

Hi Peter, and thank you for the warm welcome.

I figured someone might go through the 067-0532-01 page and make a few changes. It's been several years since the last time I did any kind of programming or page design, so I had to figure out how to set up the page by looking at the source/page comparison of a few other pages on here. Is there some sort of resource I could have a look at which will show me a list of marcos and their output?

There are some nice photos of the 067-0532-00 coming up - I have the unit completely torn down, oscillator is in pieces as well. I'll make sure I get plenty of photos of the internals as I reassemble it. The unit is getting 95% of it's resistors replaced as well as all of it's capacitors. It's serial is "102" and I am very curious as to it's date of manufacture.

I hope I am using the talk: function correctly here!

Regards, Brian

Hi Peter, Thanks for your message, and sorry I'm just seeing it now, and I hope I'm responding to it correctly (still learning the wiki ropes). I've got a fairly late model D90 so I'd always just assumed I had the latest firmware. I don't see anything in the menu for lens correction, but I'll dig into this, since the pincushioning been a long-standing annoyance. A nice prime macro lens is on the short-list.

I'm about to upload another few photos, but after this, I'll try to upgrade if possible.



update - I was actually quite a few revs behind (1.002 to 1.009). The update did seem to help somewhat; still not perfect, but better.

thanks again!

Hi Peter,

The internal 7014 maintenance doc (thanks for uploading!) talks about the P7100 and P7101 CRTs but I wasn't able to find a clear explanation of what the difference is, and which contain the different CRTs. Do you know?


I noticed that too but have no details, sorry. --Peter (talk) 14:12, 25 October 2016 (PDT)

Hello Peter,
Thank you for working on the processor pages, just wanted to mention that.


--Floopy (talk) 07:44, 9 October 2020 (PDT)

Extension DPL and sorting of lists

Hi Peter,

I am trying to get the dynamically created list at 6-32_probes in numerical (alphabetical) order and failing miserably. I realize that it is created by the extension "DynamicPageList" - but this name seems to refer to three different implmementations with different syntaxes, and I also failed to figure out which version we use here at this wiki.

Which version are we using? And do you know the valid key for the "ordermethod" to get this list in order?

Regards, Gregor Gregor (talk) 16:24, 11 Jan 2023 (MET)

File Uploads

I did some uploads but hit a warning about a duplicate - I'd think it was fine if Tek issued identical ROMs with different part numbers but I'm double-checking with Gianni in case he made a slip with the ROM reading.

When I upload this one:

160-6497-03 U480.bin

I get a warning from the wiki that it's a duplicate of

160-6496-03 U480.bin

I did a checksum of all the ROMs I got from Gianni, sorting to see duplicates:

24xx$ md5sum */*bin | sort
0c0ddff141f4402a042663eb85016a97  2430A/160-4402-04 18-MAR-87 V1.60 U692.bin
0c1b0d7893a7ec72bde4ab05a961b14e  2431L/160-6707-03 15-NOV-90 V2.41 U682.bin
25663401eda2f436e6b194d1b62f7334  2430A/160-4403-02 U480.bin
2fdb38a0ed9a015524609fabc5036711  2430A/160-4398-04 18-MAR-87 V1.60 U670.bin
36a82fc7372f1cf9aea8b1091679c5c6  2431L/160-6705-03 15-NOV-90 V2.41 U670.bin
54a73976f764d375ed11a05bbfead648  2431L/160-6496-03 U480.bin               <<<
54a73976f764d375ed11a05bbfead648  2440/160-6497-03 U480.bin                <<< Duplicate
6793e550a771f199ca431dba47630615  2440/160-4941-07 11-DEC-89 V2.30 U670.bin
6970deff1e6e7d99a49e2dfc7f53c7a2  2431L/160-6708-03 15-NOV-90 V2.41 U690.bin
766d9b65598e43a40117aa80b81d7c59  2430A/160-4399-04 18-MAR-87 V1.60 U680.bin
7d9ea0affd5a001e3f88e88e0b7880c6  2440/160-4944-07 11-DEC-89 V2.30 U690.bin
90a1c0c4f22c44b3fce112daaa3c3649  2430A/160-4404-02 U490.bin
90f6b396fb3f6a7cfe822f15100c8368  2440/160-5843-07 11-DEC-89 V2.30 U692H.bin
a2c92f7773ecbe630c8579a6d906260e  2440/160-4942-07 11-DEC-89 V2.30 U680.bin
a96730bc1caa7b14c0f81df086f48d4d  2431L/160-6706-03 15-NOV-90 V2.41 U680.bin
afd7b67538e2441f17e4f55a88017d83  2431L/160-6497-03 U490.bin               <<<
afd7b67538e2441f17e4f55a88017d83  2440/160-6496-03 U490.bin                <<< Duplicate
be6dc81a51a7578717d9ec88d9342342  2430A/160-4400-04 18-MAR-87 V1.60 U682.bin
bede5e25295352242247be3b743c1588  2430A/160-4401-04 18-MAR-87 V1.60 U690.bin
c85c8f055fd9cf953f1ca128ddf05617  2431L/160-6709-03 15-NOV-90 V2.41 U692.bin
d894a1326fbda280fef1eab60ee84f38  2440/160-4943-07 11-DEC-89 V2.30 U682.bin

But here's where there's a hint that there could be a mistake from this image or from another user - I searched the wiki for other files and found one with that Tek part number and the checksum is different:

23755419cc99adbd2490de05ebf998e1  160-6496-03.bin

So please bear with me while I try to get confirmation from Gianni - he's away for a couple of days.

I'm sorry that I've used descriptive file names
I just get a blindness when I'm dealing with so many numbers - how are you feeling about the file naming policy?
I think that the worst part for me is the multiple single uploads - if there was a better way, I'd use that! (shell access and scp would be my favoured solution - but I'm a Linux nerd)

Qfissler (talk) 14:35, 29 January 2023 (PST)

Experimental parts category pages

I thought I'd show you two pages I created to see how they looked - I can generate other styles based on the OCR text. Let me know if there's any worth in either of them - or otherwise - I can delete at least one - or break out into separate pages...

Qfissler (talk)

Lots of pages in which parts lookups appear as subsections

Hey, Peter - I was tidying up 7603#Modifications and added a temporary __TOC__ to get the correct link name for a second section with the same name: 7603#Modifications 2 and saw in the TOC that the {{lookup}} stuff was appearing as subsections of the previous section (usually a gallery).

I checked a few other pages to see how they were done and saw that many others have the same issue (eg, 465 but also 7613 and 7623 - so, before I go and change those, thought it best to check about the name I chose: see 7603#Component Lookups (I already see that multi-word sections use capitals so will fix that immediately)... A better name for that section might be "Parts Used" - I've set that in on the 531 page for comparison.

Qfissler (talk) 08:50, 14 July 2023 (PDT)

Thanks for the guidance - I'll fix them as I find them - actually, I tried to search but failed - is there a way to search for refs to the {{lookup}} in the page source Qfissler (talk) 14:37, 14 July 2023 (PDT)

Repairs links videos - is there a better way?

I think that the Links section on the 475 page looks... suboptimal.

I *love* Zenwizard Studios videos... but - is there a better way to present them?

In fact, he's done a couple of videos mentioning the 151-0367-00 failures and it's those which prompted me to try to make a page which spoke about the transistors as they appear in other scopes. (I personally have a couple of 465s & 465Bs to repair and was offered a 475 recently, so I've given these issues a bit of focus)

Should we have a Cargo lookup for transistors so we can help with identifying scopes which contain them? Qfissler (talk) 14 July 2023

Hi Quinn, there is already the {{Parts|type}} query, see e.g. on 585. I'm not yet perfectly happy to replace the custom ICs listing with it but I guess the generic query is the way to go in the long run. As for the videos, try your hand at one of the larger listings and show us - thanks! --Peter (talk) 01:30, 15 July 2023 (PDT)
Thanks! I'll proceed carefully... New part page SKA6516 and test page 4x5 test page Qfissler (talk) 03:15, 15 July 2023 (PDT)
Ah - I see that you've already set the precedent that we can/could(/should?) have video links in the repair pages... Qfissler (talk) 23:14, 10 August 2023 (PDT)

overview table 7000

Dear Peter,

thank a lot for cleaning up after my edits ;-)

I made a overview table for the 7000 series:

can You take a look (spelling, errors, missing information, ...) before I put it online?

Thanks a lot, --Rubasch (talk) 05:55, 20 September 2023 (PDT)

Nice one!!! I've expanded it a little, please have a look - there's a few dates (R model introductions for example) that I might be able to fill in later from my Excel file of catalog years so don;t fret over these too much. --Peter (talk) 08:14, 20 September 2023 (PDT)
Thanks a lot! Thats the help I needed! I will play with it a while an then put it into the 7000 article. Greetings --Rubasch (talk) 08:27, 20 September 2023 (PDT)
That's a big table now! I filled in what I found. Hopefully have done no error... it is getting late for me today (Berlin time), so feel free to edit. when you feel fine with it, we can put it in the right space. Greetings --Rubasch (talk) 11:06, 20 September 2023 (PDT)
The table looks final. Maybe it can move to the article Introduction to the 7000-Series Oscilloscopes. Or do you know a better place? There is another table :-) After check it could go to the same article?
Again: thanks a lot!. Greetings --Rubasch (talk) 10:50, 22 September 2023 (PDT)

Rename File

Hi Peter, I made an error in the filename:

Should be 506A Back.

how can I correct it? Greetings --Rubasch (talk) 08:46, 1 October 2023 (PDT)

Just use the MOVE function for the drop-down on the top. --Peter (talk) 12:45, 1 October 2023 (PDT)

THX! --Rubasch (talk) 07:39, 2 October 2023 (PDT)

Documents lookup creates subsection like the Parts Lookup...

Hey Peter - I see that you're adding the Documents lookup to pages - great stuff!

Just a heads-up: I see that it has the subsection behaviour I mentioned for the Parts lookups - ie, if we use a __TOC__ on a page, it becomes clear that the lookup is added to the page as a subsection. Qfissler (talk) 08:20, 12 October 2023 (PDT)

Yes, it is intended to go under the "Links" Level-2 heading as a level 3 heading. This is intended. --Peter (talk) 09:19, 12 October 2023 (PDT)


Hi Peter,

I filled in some data in the article. But it does not look good now. Can I split up the DC503 and 503A article? Greetings --Rubasch (talk) 13:07, 30 November 2023 (PST)

Good idea, I went ahead and did it. Cheers, --Peter (talk) 03:46, 1 December 2023 (PST)
Thank You! --Rubasch (talk) 04:10, 1 December 2023 (PST)

Harmonica connectors

Hi Peter,

I saw that you uploaded a photo of 3D printed Harmonica connectors. Do you have access to the 3D models and could report on the material that is flexible enough? When bringing a 7904 back to life recently I noticed that some connector shells (interestingly a certain shade of brown only) completely disassembled to dust. I think this could fit nicely in the repair section of the harmonica connector page - but also on the 3D Printing Models site

Greetings, Gregor

Gregor (talk) 08:44, 18 January 2024 (PST)

Hi Gregor, I picked the image up at eBay only. Interesting that you say the brown shells disintegrate so badly - my worst experience has been with the blue ones :-) --Peter (talk) 08:52, 21 January 2024 (PST)

Missing ROM images

Hi Peter,

It looks like you deleted or renamed the rom images for the 7912 digitizers. If deleted, any particular reason? I'd update the links if I could find the new locations, but didn't have any luck searching for the Tek P/N.

Yes, it was renamed as the log says. We use only the part number as the file name for ROMs and manuals: File:160-1900-00.bin. PS. please sign your comments on talk pages by adding --~~~~. Thanks! --Peter (talk) 01:31, 18 February 2024 (PST)