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Hello Peter,

Can you recall where you found this image:

Tek 5444.jpg

that you added to the 5444 page back in 2014?

If you look closely, it shows a 5443/D44 combination that didn't appear in the annual catalogs. Identifying which catalog that came from would help clarify when the scope was apparently sold with that name between publication of the 1975 annual catalog and the Great Renaming of 5xxx scopes before the 1976 catalog.

Best regards, -Paul Pmc (talk) 12:22, 3 April 2019 (PDT)

Hi Peter! Thank you for your flattering assessment of my photos.

As for the category. I also doubted if I should do it, but I took the final decision, noting that the T7912 (from 7912) had 2 links in subcategories before me.

If you really do everything according to your mind, then, it seems to me, it's best to make a link to the CRT list in general, and inside it already break down into types. In the end, rare magnetic deflections, storage tubes and tubes with distributed plates also deserve separate subcategories.

It, in principle, and done - the only trouble is that the tubes with the corresponding link in the subcategory are not automatically displayed in the corresponding section of the index table. And the subsections themselves are initially closed and open in a new window. It is not comfortable. For example, I got a tube 154-xxxx-02, I do not know what type it is. Came to look in the index table and did not find it. And he was hidden in the subsection "storage", for example!

Again, for example, the T7912 is both scan-converter CRT, and with distributed plates. On good, it should be written in both subsections. And in the section itself, too, so it was more convenient to look for the part number.

Sincerely, Vladimir

Hi Peter, and thank you for the warm welcome.

I figured someone might go through the 067-0532-01 page and make a few changes. It's been several years since the last time I did any kind of programming or page design, so I had to figure out how to set up the page by looking at the source/page comparison of a few other pages on here. Is there some sort of resource I could have a look at which will show me a list of marcos and their output?

There are some nice photos of the 067-0532-00 coming up - I have the unit completely torn down, oscillator is in pieces as well. I'll make sure I get plenty of photos of the internals as I reassemble it. The unit is getting 95% of it's resistors replaced as well as all of it's capacitors. It's serial is "102" and I am very curious as to it's date of manufacture.

I hope I am using the talk: function correctly here!

Regards, Brian

Hi Peter, Thanks for your message, and sorry I'm just seeing it now, and I hope I'm responding to it correctly (still learning the wiki ropes). I've got a fairly late model D90 so I'd always just assumed I had the latest firmware. I don't see anything in the menu for lens correction, but I'll dig into this, since the pincushioning been a long-standing annoyance. A nice prime macro lens is on the short-list.

I'm about to upload another few photos, but after this, I'll try to upgrade if possible.



update - I was actually quite a few revs behind (1.002 to 1.009). The update did seem to help somewhat; still not perfect, but better.

thanks again!

Hi Peter,

The internal 7014 maintenance doc (thanks for uploading!) talks about the P7100 and P7101 CRTs but I wasn't able to find a clear explanation of what the difference is, and which contain the different CRTs. Do you know?


I noticed that too but have no details, sorry. --Peter (talk) 14:12, 25 October 2016 (PDT)

Hello Peter,
Thank you for working on the processor pages, just wanted to mention that.


--Floopy (talk) 07:44, 9 October 2020 (PDT)