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Hi, my name is Peter (who would have guessed?). I was born and live in Austria. Originally an EE, my current day job is in IT, in an international environment.

The first Tek instrument I worked with – around 1982 IIRC – was a T912 "vacuum cleaner" which I must say left me "slightly underimpressed" compared with my favourites at the time, the HP 1740 series.

For budget reasons, the first scope I bought for myself, circa 1986, was a rather pedestrian Kenwood 100 MHz 2-ch portable (a la 465). It did pay for itself through a consulting engagement (2nd generation products of this effort are still in service), but I learned only some time later what the difference between a passable scope like that and a good scope was, when I compared them side by side in overdrive ...

The first Tek scope in my own possession was the 7613 pictured below, which I bought in early 2014. Looking for manuals (its power supply needed some TLC), I found TekWiki. The resurrected 7613 did not remain alone for long. I worked my way up from good scopes to extraordinary ones – see below for the current population of Vintage Tek Sanctuary Central Europe.

On this Wiki, Kurt created an account for me in May 2014. I started to add a few photos and some data, then began building categories and some templates.

In June of that year, Kurt already gave me admin rights, thanks for the trust! One thing led to another ... having been familiar with Mediawiki (I set up a corporate Intranet with that software in 2006 that is still in use), I started getting involved in this site's software side as well, and over the years helped expand its coverage a bit.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about the Cargo database module, for example.

You can also find me at the brand-new GR Wiki (for General Radio / GenRad instruments), and as Peter7000 over at Wellenkino.




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