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Tektronix 6120
Graphics desktop computer
Tektronix 6120

Produced from 1985 to (?)

(All manuals in PDF format unless noted otherwise)
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The Tektronix 6120 is an advanced scientific desktop workstation similar to the 6130. It is designed for general purpose applications such as instrument control, statistical analysis, data presentation, and graphics. The 6120 uses Tektronix ANSI BASIC language with an underlying mini-UTek operating system. The workstation is normally in BASIC text editing mode, which lets the operator create BASIC programs. This mode can be exited and the operator can use mini-UTek commands. The 6120 comes standard with two RS-232 interfaces, one GPIB port (IEEE 488-1978), and one Local Area Network port (IEEE 802.3).

A typical workstation consists of the standard system enclosure plus an optional 6100 Series display or terminal. The system enclosure comes standard with 1 Mbyte of RAM, a 10 Mbyte Winchester hard disk drive (20 Mbyte and 40 Mbyte hard disks optional), a 360 kbyte flexible disk drive, and a Floating Point Unit for high speed floating point operations. The optional display (color or monochrome) includes a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.


CPU ? MHz ? CPU, ? FPU
HDD 10 Mb, 20 Mb or 40 Mb
RAM 1 Mb
OS Tektronix mini-UTek Operating System
Networking One Local Area Network port (IEEE 802.3)