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Tektronix 6130
Graphics desktop computer
Tektronix 6130

Produced from 1985 to (?)

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The Tektronix 6130 Intelligent Graphics Workstation is a desktop system that provides extended I/O capabilities and extensive mass storage, related to the 6120 workstation. This system features full UTek (a UNIX-based operating system) with C and supports a variety of programming languages and program development tools. The 6130 comes standard with two RS-232 interfaces, one GPIB port (IEEE 488-1978), and one Local Area Network port (IEEE 802.3). Applications for the 6130 include engineering design tasks such as microprocessor software development, project management, technical computing, documentation, and instrument control.

A typical workstation consists of the standard system enclosure plus an optional 6100 Series display or terminal. The system enclosure comes standard with 1 Mbyte of RAM, a 20 Mbyte Winchester hard disk drive (40 Mbyte and 80 Mbyte hard disks optional), a 360 kbyte flexible disk drive, and a Floating Point Unit for high speed floating point operations. The optional display (color or monochrome) includes a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Dale Call worked on the 6130.


CPU ? MHz NS32016 32-Bit CPU, ? FPU
HDD 20 Mb, 40 Mb or 80 Mb
RAM 1 Mb
OS Tektronix UTek Operating System
Networking One Local Area Network port (IEEE 802.3)