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"Products" values

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Manufacturer   Tektronix
Model   7B90P
Class   Plug-in

400 MHz programmable timebase

Series   7000-series scopes
Introduced   1978
Discontinued   1989

"Specifications" values

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Parameter   Sweep

10 ns/Div to 500 ms/Div (1-2-5), ×10 magnifier (down to 500 ps/Div), no variable sweep, adjustable and programmable holdoff

Parameter   Excluded sweep

First 10 ns in 79XX programmable mainframes

Parameter   Trigger Sensitivity
  • PP Auto Mode AC or DC: 125 mV or 0.5 Div up to 50 MHz, 375 mV or 1.5 Div up to 400 MHz
  • Norm or Single Sweep AC: 100 mV or 0.3 Div up to 50 MHz, 250 mV or 1.5 Div up to 400 MHz
Parameter   Jitter

<100 ps at 400 MHz

Parameter   Ext. Trigger

1 MΩ: 20 pF, max. 250 V DC+peak AC; 50 Ω: max. 1 W

Parameter   Sweep/Trigger Modes

Peak-Peak Auto, Auto, Norm, Single Sweep