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Tektronix CT-1
AC current probe
CT-1 Current Transformer

Compatible with 50 Ω scope inputs

Produced from (?) to (?)


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The Tektronix CT-1 (015-0040-00) Current Transformer is part of the P6040 current probe system. It has a #6-32 threaded stud on the end opposite the output SMA connector to allow it to be mounted wherever it is needed. Several CT-1s may be mounted in one assembly under test and monitored, in turn, by a single P6040.

It was designed by Murlan Kaufman.


Documents Referencing CT-1

Document Class Title Authors Year Links
Tekscope 1971 V3 N5 Sep 1971.pdf Article The 7D14 Counts Current to Minimize Circuit Loading Emory Harry 1971

Key Specifications

Output impedance 50 Ω
Bandwidth 35 kHz to 1 GHz
Risetime 350 ps
Sensitivity 5 mV/mA into 50 Ω, ±3%
Input Aperture ≥0.065" (1.6 mm)
Voltage Isolation 1000 V
Current Rating 500 mARMS, Max.
Insertion Impedance Terminated: 1 Ω // 5 μH, Un-terminated: 2 Ω // 5 μH
Capacitive Loading 0.6 pF for a bare 20 AWG wire to 1.5 pF for a bare 14 AWG wire