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Tektronix TM5006
six-bay mainframe
TM5006 front

Produced from 1982 to (?)

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The Tektronix TM5006 is a six-bay mainframe with a GPIB interface for the TM5000 system.

The rightmost compartment (slot 6) can supply high-powered plugins.

The DC rails to the plugins are provided by a switch-mode PSU. The supply is not universal input voltage, the input voltage must be set with two internal jumpers. DC rails are 8 V, +26 V, and −26 V. The case has a cooling fan which is connected to the primary of the transformer.

Available options include Opt.02, Rear Inputs, and Opt.10, a set of 19-inch rackmount slides.

For option 02, six BNC connectors and a 50-pin female DD-50 D-sub connector are installed on the rear panel and pin headers soldered internally, but no internal wiring is pre-installed.

The rack-mount kit has different sides compared to the standard model. It is not possible to remove the standard carry handle to install a rack-mount kit. The entire side panel must be swapped.


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Input Voltage 115 V or 230 V nominal (selected with an internal jumper) with options for high, medium or low (100 V 110 V 120 V) or (200 V 220 V 240 V) using a second internal jumper.

Fan Flow Rate is higher in units with the 02 (rack-mount) option