Telequipment Type H

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Telequipment Type H
25 MHz vertical amplifier plug-in
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Compatible with Telequipment D43 S43

Produced from 1965 to (?)

(All manuals in PDF format unless noted otherwise)
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The Telequipment Type H is a dual-range, general-purpose vertical amplifier plug-in with switch-selected input sockets.

Key Specifications

Bandwidth DC – 25 MHz at 100 mV/cm at <1% overshoot (5 MHz at 10 mV/cm)

NB: There's a manual for the TelequipmenT Type 43 (D43/D.43/D.43R/S.43) which is from 1965. The one linked on this wiki is newer (1968). The older one has appendices for plugins D, G and H which are not in the 1968 printing.

There are a couple of differences - the one on the wiki doesn't list all of the transistors (though the schematic shows the types) and is missing values for the two variable inductors, L21 and L22, which are listed in the 1965 print as "2.2/5.1 μH Variable Inductor (Brown/Yellow)".


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