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This is the "Monolithic IC" template.

If you have come here looking to edit the page for a particular instrument, you took a wrong turn – please do not edit this template.
Instead, please go back to the instrument's page and edit that.

For hybrid ICs, please use Template:Hybrid IC instead.

This template should be invoked in the following format: Example:
{{Monolithic IC
{{Monolithic IC
|Description=broadband vertical amplifier
|Designers=John Addis;

manufacturer= should be a page name, part_nos= a comma-delimited list of part numbers like 154-1234-56, used_in= a semicolon-delimited list of page names (without link brackets), e.g. "502;556", designers= a semicolon-delimited list of page names.

This template adds rows to the table "Components", which is declared by the template Component. View table.

See Article templates for details on other templates available in TekWiki.