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The Tektronix 020-1956-01 Compact Probe Accessory Kit contains the standard probe accessory for probes P6137, P6138A, P6139A, P5050 comprising of:

  • 343-1003-01 Ground Collar
  • 195-4240-00 Low Impedance Ground Contact
  • 196-3113-02 6 in. Slip-on Ground Lead
  • 020-2896-XX Micro grabber clip (or similar?)
  • 003-1433-02 Adjustment tool
  • 016-0633-00 Cable Marker Set for All Modular Cables (P5050, P610X/A/B, P612X, P613X/A, P623X, P62XX) (Except P6201, P6202A)