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Tek 067-0502-01.JPG

The Tektronix 067-0502-01 Amplitude Calibrator and Comparator is an instrument that can be used to produce a reference rectangle voltage or current waveform and/or to compare an external unknown input with an internal or external reference. The output voltage is only accurate if terminated in 1 MΩ, the 50 V setting will experience the highest error if not properly terminated (0.5% in an open load).

The comparison is performed using an Airpax A175 chopper to switch between the two voltages that are being compared. The resulting output is a rectangular waveform with amplitude equal to the difference of two voltages. This waveform can be amplified using a drift-free AC amplifier and viewed on an oscilloscope for high sensitivity comparison.

See the 067-0502-00 page for a comparison of the -00 and -01 models.

The HV supply uses a tube V427, to regulate the +300V supply. The manual lists V427 as a 7734, a triode-pentode, however some models contain a small circular adapter board (670-1860-00,388-2423-00) to adapt the noval tube socket to a Compactron socket and use a 6G11 double pentode instead. The adapter PCB connects the screen grid and plate of the beam power tube together in a triode configuration. These models also have 6G11 printed below V427 on the chassis.

The output amplitude can be reduced down to 0.2 μV using the 067-0529-00 1000:1 precision divider.


Output Signal DC+, DC-, Squarewave
Amplitude Range 0.2 mV to 100 V in 1-2-5 sequence, 5mA in current loop
Amplitude Accuracy Within 0.25% into 1 MΩ load
Squarewave Repetition Rate 1 kHz within 20%
Maximum Input Voltage 100 V