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Tektronix 11403
1 (3) GHz digital scope
Tektronix 11403A

Produced from 1989 to (?)

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The Tektronix 11403 is a digitizing oscilloscope that accepts 11000-series plugins and has a built-in time base, supporting up to 8 input channels. It is identical to the 11402A except that the 11403 uses a color screen.

The 11403A model extends bandwidth to 3 GHz (with 11A81 amplifiers).

It uses equivalent-time digitizing for repetitive source signals.

The assistant project manager and person responsible for the touch panel and display was Murlan Kaufman.

Key Specifications

Bandwidth 1 GHz
Trigger bandwidth 1 GHz
Vertical resolution 10 bits (14 bits with averaging)
Sampling rate up to 20 MS/s
Recording length 512 to 10240 points
CRT 8½" color, touch screen
  • Statistics
  • Advanced Waveform Processing - Differentiate, integrate, interpolate, smooth, average, and envelope
  • Arithmetic Operators - Plus, minus, multiply, divide, square root, log, absolute value, signum, exp.
  • Dual Independent Time Bases
  • Menu-based, touch-screen front panel
  • Programmable over GPIB and RS-232 interfaces