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Tektronix 1200C01
RS-232 Comm Pack (interface)
Tektronix 1200C01

Compatible with 1240

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The 1200C01 is a RS232 COMM pack for the 1240, 1241 and 3001GPX logic analyzers. It gives the device the ability to communicate and print through a serial interface.

Connecting to a PC requires a null modem cable, crossing TX/RX (pins 2/3) and DSR (4) to DTR (6). Communication commands are the same as for the GPIB module 1200C02 (see section 2-4 in the 1200C02 Instruction Manual). Capabilities of the device include remote control of the analyzer, save/load setup, capturing data and transfer of captured data over the serial line.

When combined with a disassembler ROM pack, new menu options are available to use the COMM pack to print/transfer disassembled code via serial output.


The board layout and schematic can be found in the 1240 service manual vol 2, fig 10-28, board A31, schematic 41.