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Tektronix 1240
Modular Logic Analyzer
Tektronix 1241

Produced from 1984 to 1993

ROM Images
File Pos. Checksum
160-1569-01.bin U160 3fce8fd8
160-1570-01.bin U165 e904e8ee
160-1571-01.bin U170 30254020
160-1572-01.bin U180 0cf3d306
160-1573-01.bin U185 01db6d5f
160-1575-02.bin U105 8b25125e
160-1575-03.bin U105 042e1adf
160-1576-02.bin U110 bc310ca3
160-1576-03.bin U110 5592f66f
160-1577-02.bin U115 0fa2fcc2
160-1577-03.bin U115 bdfad520
160-1578-02.bin U120 c70f8ab6
160-1578-03.bin U120 c062a178
160-1579-02.bin U125 c56df00a
160-1580-02.bin U130 1561af14
160-1580-03.bin U130 7a4ce7dd
160-1581-03.bin U135 88642d3a
160-1581-04.bin U135 44238951
160-1582-02.bin U224 600ba6f1
160-1582-03.bin U224 9b689ff1
160-1583-00.bin U318 0c7946c5
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The Tektronix 1240 is a logic analyzer, introduced in 1984. The 1241 is the same device but with a color-shutter CRT, it was introduced in 1986.


The 1240/1241 accommodate one to four acquisition boards of type 1240D1 with 9 channels or 1240D2 with 18 channels for a total of up to 72 acquisition channels. Acquisition speeds reach up to 100 MHz asynchronous or 50 MHz synchronous. The 1240/41 provides 14 levels of triggering with conditional branching.

There are two cartridge interfaces.

The rear slot is for I/O devices; three were produced. The 1200C01 is the RS232C Comm pack. The 1200C02 is the GPIB comm pack. The 1200C11 is the parallel printer comm pack. It required the 12RC01 Printer Support ROM pack.

The cartridge slot interface on the side of the instrument was memory specific and was for ROM and RAM packs. Both 8K and 64K RAM packs with battery backup were made, note that the battery is a potential HazMat made by Catalyst Research and may destroy the cartridge when it leaks. There were also ROM packs (12RMXX series) that allow for mnemonic disassembly and state analysis of most microprocessors of the time. The ROM packs were made with a generic PCB that had two socketed ROMs and jumpers to select the size.

See the Microprocessor support table for processor configuration options.

There is a design for a multipurpose RAM/ROM pack, called SuperPack by Pavel Korensky. Note the errata in the README file.

It uses either P6460 (general purpose) or P6462 (TTL) 9-channel probes.


The 1240 is built around an Intel 8088 as the control processor with 64K DRAM, and firmware in a bank of EPROMs.

A separate I/O processor board is powered by a Zilog Z-80A CPU. The display controller is built from individual TTL and ECL ICs.

The power supply is a switch-mode supply that mainly generates 5 V at up to 45 A. It requires a minimum load of 11.6 A. Additionally it generates 3 V at up to 8 A with no minimum load and several other voltages that are derived from linear post regulators.

Boards are two to six layers.

The CPU board has battery backed up RAM to save the current configuration and one user configuration. This battery is a lithium iodide cell. It will eventually fail and leak, damaging the PCB. The battery is visible on the picture for the A09 processor board.

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Some Parts Used in the 1240

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
155-0270-00 155-0270-00 Hybrid integrated circuit probe data interface 1240
Intel 8086 Monolithic integrated circuit 16-bit microprocessor 1240 2220 2221 2230 2246 2232 2245A 4114 4115


Some Plugins compatible with 1240

Page Manufacturer Model Description Introduced Discontinued
1200C01 Tektronix 1200C01 RS-232 Comm Pack (interface) (?) (?)
1200C02 Tektronix 1200C2 GPIB Comm Pack (interface) (?) (?)
1200C11 Tektronix 1200C11 Parallel Printer Comm Pack (interface) (?) (?)
1240D1 Tektronix 1240/D1 9-channel input card (?) (?)
1240D2 Tektronix 1240D2 18-channel input card (?) (?)
12R01 Tektronix 12R01 Performance Analysis ROM Pack (?) (?)
12RC01 Tektronix 1200C11 Printer Support ROM Pack (?) (?)
12RM01 Tektronix 12RM01 Disassembler ROM Pack (Intel 8080) (?) (?)
12RM02 Tektronix 12RM02 Disassembler ROM Pack (Intel 8085) (?) (?)
12RM03 Tektronix 12RM03 Disassembler ROM Pack (Intel 8086) (?) (?)
12RM04 Tektronix 12RM04 Disassembler ROM Pack (Intel 8088) (?) (?)
12RM05 Tektronix 12RM05 Disassembler ROM Pack (Intel 80186) (?) (?)
12RM06 Tektronix 12RM06 Disassembler ROM Pack (Intel 80188) (?) (?)
12RM08 Tektronix 12RM08 Disassembler ROM Pack (Intel 80286) (?) (?)
12RM21 Tektronix 12RM21 Disassembler ROM Pack (Motorola 6800) (?) (?)
12RM22 Tektronix 12RM22 Disassembler ROM Pack (Motorola 6802) (?) (?)
12RM23 Tektronix 12RM23 Disassembler ROM Pack (Motorola 6808) (?) (?)
12RM24 Tektronix 12RM24 Disassembler ROM Pack (Motorola 6809) (?) (?)
12RM25 Tektronix 12RM25 Disassembler ROM Pack (Motorola 68000) (?) (?)
12RM26 Tektronix 12RM26 Disassembler ROM Pack (Motorola 68008) (?) (?)
12RM27 Tektronix 12RM27 Disassembler ROM Pack (Motorola 68010) (?) (?)
12RM31 Tektronix 12RM31 Disassembler ROM Pack (Motorola 68020) (?) (?)
12RM33 Tektronix 12RM33 Disassembler ROM Pack (Motorola 68030) (?) (?)
12RM41 Tektronix 12RM41 Disassembler ROM Pack (Zilog Z-80) (?) (?)
12RM42 Tektronix 12RM42 Disassembler ROM Pack (Zilog Z8001) (?) (?)
12RM43 Tektronix 12RM43 Disassembler ROM Pack (Zilog Z8002) (?) (?)
12RM62A Tektronix 12RM62A Disassembler ROM Pack (Fairchild F9450) (?) (?)
12RM63 Tektronix 12RM63 Disassembler ROM Pack (MOS Technology 6502) (?) (?)
12RM71 Tektronix 12RM71 Disassembler ROM Pack (National Semiconductor NSC800) (?) (?)
12RM99 Tektronix 12RM99 Disassembler ROM Pack (?) (?)
12RS01 Tektronix 12RS01 8K RAM Pack (?) (?)
PM201 Tektronix PM201 Intel 8086/8088 personality module (?) (?)
PM202 Tektronix PM202 Intel 80186/80188 personality module (?) (?)
PM203 Tektronix PM203 Motorola 68000/08/10 personality module (?) (?)
PM204 Tektronix PM204 Intel 80286 personality module 1985 (?)
PM205 Tektronix PM205 Motorola 68020 personality module (?) (?)