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Tektronix 1205
24 channel logic analyzer
Tektronix 1205

Produced from 1988 to (?)


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The Tektronix 1205 is a logic analyzer introduced in 1989 that supports 8 to 24 channels. Data can be sampled up to 25 MHz.

The 1205 was one of Tektronix' efforts to make an easy-to-use logic analyzer aimed at students and engineers. The user interface clearly represents that mindset.

It uses either the P6440 or P6441 probe.

The 1205 accepts dedicated personality modules. It only accepts the PM302 (Z80) and PM303 (6502). It can also use the PM301 which can acquire 40 channels.

See the Microprocessor support table for microprocessor disassembly configuration options.

Key Specifications

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