25ps Push-Pull Pulse Generator

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The 25 ps Push-Pull Pulse Generator (PPPG) produces simultaneous rising and falling edge pulses. One pulse generator head is a standard S-52, generating rising edge pulses. The other pulse generator head is a specially modified S-52 that produces negative edge pulses. The output tunnel diode that it uses is a General Electric SMTD-993, same as the 153-0040-00 used in the regular S-52, but mounted upside-down.

The 25 ps Push-Pull Pulse Generator (and its special negative pulse S-52) were for internal purposes, not for sale outside of Tektronix. A total of twenty-six were made.

This pulse generator was first used to test the rise time of the M84.

The 25ps Push-Pull Pulse Generator provides two independently isolated transformer-coupled pretrigger pulse outputs via rear-panel BNC connectors.

The PPPG uses the 260-0834-00 DPDT switch, which is a maintenance issue.


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