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Tektronix 7704A
200 MHz non-storage mainframe
Tektronix 7704A

Produced from 1972 to 1987

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The Tektronix 7704A is a modular oscilloscope in the 7000 series that takes two 7000-series vertical plug-ins and two 7000-series horizontal plug-ins. Main designers were Luis Navarro (electrical) and Bob Shand (mechanical).

The 7704A followed the 7704 in 1972, improving bandwidth from 150 to 200 MHz (regular model, optimized for transient response) or 250 MHz (option 9, bandwidth-optimized). The R7704 rack-mount version continued to be named just R7704.

The 7704A has a special modular construction. At the bottom is the "A7704 acquisition unit", which contains the power supply, plug-in slots, and main interface board. On top is the "D7704 display unit", which contains the CRT, HV power supply, and output amplifiers for driving the deflection plates of the CRT. These units detach. A large multi-pin connector passes signals and power from the acquisition unit to the display unit. It is important not to damage this connector when assembling or disassembling the units.

An optional component, the P7001 Processing Unit, can be added to a 7704A between the acquisition unit and the display unit. The Acquisition Unit of the 7704A, the P7001 Processor, and the Display Unit of the 7704A are connected by the Acquisition-Processor-Display (APD) Interface shown below.


Fastest cal. sweep 2 ns/Div
Bandwidth 200 MHz (with 7A19)
Calibrator 4 mV to 40 V in decade steps, 2/20/200/400 mV into 50 Ω, 40 mA; 1 kHz
Outputs Vertical Signal Out (25 mV/Div, 60 MHz), +Sawtooth, +Gate, Cal, camera power, probe power
Acceleration voltage 24 kV
Power 90-132 V or 180-264 V, 48-440 Hz, 180 W max.
Weight 13.6 kg (30 lbs)
Size 34.5 cm × 30.5 cm × 57.7 cm (H×W×L)
  • Option 1: No Readout
  • Option 3: Extra EMI shielding
  • Option 4: Reduced scan CRT (4x5 cm graticule)
  • Option 7: Deletes signals out (Vertical signal out, +Sawtooth, +Gate, Z-axis in, remote reset input). Readout always free-running.
  • Option 9: Extended bandwidth (250 MHz, trades pulse response)


The vertical amplifier in the 7704A uses the 155-0077-00 hybrid.

In the 7704A, the readout board is located behind a back panel carrying two LEMO S-series connectors for probe power. This placement was intended to allow easy retrofitting of a readout board into an Option 1 instrument, however, the readout board is not a plug-in card − several cables have to be attached to the board.

The 7704A SMPS uses a custom Tek chip (155-0067-02) to implement the control functions. For the initial start of the SMPS oscillator on power-up, early 7704As use a diac and later 7704As use a unijunction transistor in the starter circuit.