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Tektronix 4115
19" Color terminal
Tektronix 4115B catalog photo

Produced from 1981 to (?)

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The Tektronix 4115 is a high resolution color computer display terminal that uses a 19" CRT. It is based on an Intel 8086 processor.

The 4115 is a standalone unit with monitor and controller in a pedestal enclosure. The M4115 omits the pedestal; it consists of a monitor for desktop placement and a floor-standing electronics unit.

Kurt Krueger writes:

It required a separate power plug for the CPU and Display sections. I don't have the specs, but two power plugs is putting its potential consumption in the 3 KW neighborhood.

There seems to be a limit on 120 V devices of 1350 W (11.3 A) for consumer products that don't require a dedicated circuit.


  • $19,950 in 1984 Catalog (~$58,600 in 2023 Dollars)

Key Specifications

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  • 4691 - Color Graphics Copier
  • 4634 - Hard copy unit
  • 4662 / 4663 - Digital Plotters
  • 4926 - 10 MB Hard Disk