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The Tektronix 442 is a 35 MHz dual-trace oscilloscope with a single timebase.


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The anode voltage on the CRT is 10 kV and the standard phosphor was P31.

A Tektronix 442 consumes 36 watts and weighs about 20 pounds.


Serials numbers from B010100 to B010786 use the 154-0729-00 CRT. Starting with serial number B010787, the 154-0804-00 CRT is used.

Triggering is done using a trigger amplifier made of discrete bipolar transistors and a 74S00 TTL quad NAND gate configured as a flip-flop.

The power supply is linear and regulated using op amps as error amplifiers.

The vertical and horizontal amplifiers are made of discrete bipolar transistors except for the dual-JFETs that are used as high-impedance buffers at the signal inputs.