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Tektronix 4901
Interactive Graphic Unit
Tek 4901 catalog image

Compatible with 4002

Produced from 1969 to (?)

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The Tektronix 4901 Interactive Graphic Unit (070-1059-00) is a plug-in for the 4002 terminal that interfaces with graphic input devices which output X and Y analog signals.

It interfaces with the 4002’s auxiliary I/O connector and is housed in the 4002 console space provided for auxiliary modules.

The 4901 generates a full-screen crosshair cursor controlled by external X/Y inputs. Upon command from the computer, the T4002 keyboard, or an external graphic device, it will digitize the crosshair cursor coordinates and send them to the computer through the I/O interface unit.

Tek also offered an analog joystick controller to plug into the 4901.


Documents Referencing 4901

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Tekscope 1970 V2 N3 Jun 1970.pdf Article Interactive Graphics 1970
History of the Information Display Division - John Lamb, June 1974.pdf Article History of the Information Display Division John Lamb 1974