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Tektronix 601
X-Y Storage Display
Tektronix 601

Produced from 1969 to 1978

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The Tektronix 601 is a general-purpose storage tube monitor. It was introduced in October 1967 and available until 1974.

Does the 601 use the T601 CRT?

The CRT part number is 154-0521-00.


Documents Referencing 601

Document Class Title Authors Year Links
Service Scope 47 Dec 1967.pdf Article Storage Display Instruments 1967
Tekscope 1969 V1 N3 Jun 1969.pdf Article A New Look in Information Display 1969
Tekscope 1970 V2 N5 Oct 1970.pdf Article Tektronix Storage Tubes 1970
Tekscope 1971 V3 N2.pdf Article Signal Generation and Conditioning with a New Modular System 1971
History of the Information Display Division - John Lamb, June 1974.pdf Article History of the Information Display Division John Lamb 1974



Some Parts Used in the 601

Part Part Number(s) Class Description Used in
154-0521-00 154-0521-00 CRT CRT 601