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6AW8A Tube
Tha 6AW8 is a triode and a pentode in a single miniature glass envelope with a B9A (Noval) miniature 9-pin base.

6AW8 and 6AW8A are identical, except for the controlled heater-warmup time of 6AW8A (for use in series string heater).

Tek part number: 154-0095-00


Used in

Aged/Checked/Matched Pair Details
Used in Tek Part# S/N Range
541 (V1025-V1040) 157-0039-00 101-6474
545 (V1025-V1040) 157-0039-00 101-9291

157-0039-00 is for matched pentode section in the tubes.


Tube aging procedure / Selection and checking procedure