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The 6J6  (European: ECC91) (P/N 154-032, 154-0032-00) is a high-frequency dual triode vacuum tube with a 6.3 V, 0.45 A heater.

Introduced in 1939/1940, it was one of the earliest tubes with a miniature 7-pin B7G base.

With only 7 pins available, the two triode systems need to share a common cathode connection.


Used in

Some instruments using part 6J6

Instrument Manufacturer Class Model Description Introduced
104 Tektronix Pulse generator 104 Square wave generator / voltage calibrator 1948
104A Tektronix Pulse generator 104A Square wave generator / voltage calibrator 1950
161 Tektronix Plug-in 161 Pulse Generator Module 1952
511 Tektronix Oscilloscope 511 10 MHz Tube scope
First Tektronix oscilloscope
511A Tektronix Oscilloscope 511A 10 MHz Tube scope 1948
512 Tektronix Oscilloscope 512 Early 2 MHz scope 1948
517 Tektronix Oscilloscope 517 50 MHz scope 1951