7000-series Sampling Shoe

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7K sampling shoe connections on 7S11

The sampling plug-ins in the 7000 series have a special PCB-based "sampling shoe" connector at the side of the module that routes sampling drive and trigger signals between the plug-in that functions as a sampling timebase (either a 7T11 or a 7S12) and 7S11 sampler(s).

Possible combinations are a 7T11 with one or two 7S11s, a pair of 7S11s in free-running X/Y mode, or a 7S11 attached to a 7S12 as an optional second channel. (NB - the 7S14 dual channel sampling plug-in is self-contained and does not have the shoe contacts.)

On the timebase side, the contacts are provided through pads on a vertically mounted PCB on the left side of the plug-in. The 7S11 has a spring-loaded plastic carrier with a PCB carrying contact fingers on the right side, and the same fixed connector as the timebase on the left, where a second 7S11 can attach.