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Tektronix 7S11
Sampling plugin
7S11 front view with S-4 sampling head)

Compatible with 7000-series scopes

Produced from 1969 to 1990

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The Tektronix 7S11 is a sampling plug-in for 7000-series scopes.

It takes one S-series sampling head, e.g. S-4 or S-6, to form a complete vertical plug-in. Bandwidth and sensitivity are determined by the sampling head, not the plug-in.

For operation, a 7T11 or 7S12 plug-in is needed, to which the 7S11 connects through contact strips on the right side of the plug-in. The control signals are routed to a similar strip on the left of the module for another 7S11 in a dual-channel configuration. An alternative configuration consists of a pair of 7S11s, one in the right vertical and the other in the A or only horizontal bay, for an X-Y display in free-running mode.

The dc offset voltage as well as the vertical display signal are accessible on the front panel through Pin Tip jacks.


Deflection factor 2 to 200 in 1−2−5 sequence, unit as labelled on the sampling head (usually mV, except for the optical-input S-42 scaled in mW)
DC Offset range ±1 V
Offset output 10 × offset voltage (±10 V), source impedance 10 kΩ, 2 mm Pin Tip connector
Vertical signal output 200 mV/Div, max. 2.4 Vp-p, source impedance 10 kΩ, 2 mm Pin Tip connector
Delay range at least 10 ns
Weight 0.9 kg (3.25 lbs)


The 7S11 does not contain integrated circuits (except dual transistors).