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Tektronix 91HS8
2 GHz data acquisition module
Tektronix 91HS8/E8 cabinet

Compatible with DAS9100

Produced from 1986 to (?)

(All manuals in PDF format unless noted otherwise)
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The 91HS8 (same as 91HSE8) is a 2 GHz data acquisition module for the DAS9100. It provides up to 32 channels at 2 GHz asynchronous. The add-on consists of an interface card that plugs into the DAS9100 and a self-contained acquisition cabinet that sits on top of the DAS. Nine probes are permanently attached to the back of the cabinet, one external trigger/alarm probe, and 8 acquisition channel probes. Channel width can be expanded to 32 channels by adding up to three 91HSE8 expander modules (91HSE8 interface cards, and cabinets).

The interface boards are the only difference between the 91HS8 and 91HSE8, the internal components of the cabinet for both are identical.

A similar unit (92HS8) with the same specifications was made available for the DAS9200.

Key Specifications

Sampling rate 2 GHz (500 ps sample interval)
Maximum number of channels 32 channels
Memory depth 8000 bits/channel (4000 bits/channel if glitch detection enabled)

ROM images

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