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Tektronix CSA803
Digital Sampling Scope
Tektronix CSA803A

Produced from 1990 to (?)

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The Tektronix CSA803 is a digital sampling oscilloscope that takes two 11800 series plug-in sampling modules. The two left plug-in slots are supplying DC only and are supposed to be used for optical to electrical converters like the SD-48. From the specifications of the CSA803C and the 11801C it seems that they are identical, except for omitting the two left plug-ins and adding the trigger ×10 prescaler function in the CSA803.


Vertical Resolution 8 bits - 25 points/div
Input Sensitivity 2 to 255 mV/div in 1 mV/div steps
Record Duration 10 ps to 50 ms
Record Length 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 5120 samples
Sample Rate up to 200 kHz
Jitter 1.1 ps RMS + 4 ppm of position (typical)
Maximum Trigger Input 1 Vp-p direct, 2.5 Vp-p prescaler
Trigger Sensitivity 50 mV, DC - 4 GHz, AC coupled trigger prescaler to 10 GHz


1990: $23,950 (2018 value: $45,730)