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Tektronix CT-5
High Current Transformer
CT-5 High Current Transformer

Compatible with A6302

Produced from 1971 to (?)


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The Tektronix CT-5 High Current Transformer is designed to extend the range of an A6302 probe (with AM503 amplifier) or P6021 probe by a factor of 1000 (up to 5000 A/Div).

Key Specifications

Bandwidth 0.5 Hz to 20 MHz with A6302; 12 Hz to 20 MHz with P6021; 1 Hz to 1 MHz with A6302/DC Bucking Coil
Risetime 17.5 ns
Maximum pulsed current 50 kA peak (with dearating)
Accuracy 4 %
Attenuation 20:1 or 1000:1
Input impedance 20 µΩ at 60 Hz to 30 mΩ at 1 MHz
Max. input voltage 3000 V (bare conductor)


Patents that may apply to CT-5

Page Title Inventors Filing date Grant date Links
Patent US 3708749A Current transformer Glenn Bateman John A. Roberts 1971-03-18 1973-01-02