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The Tektronix A6302 aka P6302 is a 50 MHz, 20 A current probe. It requires an AM503/A/B, AM5030 or 11A16 amplifier for operation.

There is also an A6302XL version with 8 m instead of 2 m cable, and 17 MHz bandwidth. The A6302XL can only be used with the AM503B and AM5030, and will not be recognized by other current probe amplifiers.

Key Specifications

Bandwidth DC-50 MHz (6302XL: 17 MHz)
Input range 20 A continuous, 50 A peak, ≤100 A · μs (with 11A16: 10.5 A continuous), derate to 2.5 A @ 10 MHz
Sensitivity 1 mA/Div to 5 A/Div, 1−2−5 (with AM503)
Noise ≤250 μA (@ ≤200 MHz amplifier BW)
Insertion impedance 0.1 Ω @ 1 MHz, 0.5 Ω @ 50 MHz


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