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Chemtrix was founded by Joe Nelson, a former employee of Tektronix, in 1966[1].

Chemtrix produced instruments for electrochemical research.


People affiliated with Chemtrix

Name Birth date Death date Countries Affiliations
Joe Nelson Tektronix Chemtrix

Products by Chemtrix

Model Class Series Description Introduced Discontinued
Chemtrix 205 Plug-in 560-series scopes Polarographic timebase (?) (?)
Chemtrix 300 Plug-in 560-series scopes Polarographic amplifier plug-in (?) (?)
Chemtrix 310 Plug-in 560-series scopes Readout amplifier plug-in (?) (?)
Chemtrix SSP-3 Polarographic Analyzer Application-specific instrument 560-series scopes 564 scope with plugins (?) (?)