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Clark P. Foley (? – ?)

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Documents Authored by Clark Foley

Document Page Class Title Author(s) Year Refers to
42W-5311.pdf Application Note Human pattern recognition speeds automated testing Clark Foley 1983 7D20
7854 Application Programs.pdf Application Note 7854 Application Programs Mike Mraz Gary Kirchberger Clark Foley Roger Loop 1981 7854

Products by Clark Foley

Model Class Description Designers Introduced
TVC501 Plug-in time-voltage converter Clark Foley 1991

Components by Clark Foley

Patents by Clark Foley

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 4985844A US 4985844A Statistical waveform profiler employing counter/timer Clark Foley Donald L. Taylor Tektronix Inc 1989-05-08 1991-01-15