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Douglas I. Haines (? – ?) Doug Haines managed the 11A32 / 11A34 engineering team. He reported to Cliff Baker.

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Products by Doug Haines

Components by Doug Haines

Patents by Doug Haines

Page Office Number Title Inventors Company Filing date Grant date
Patent US 4488093A US 4488093A Color shadow mask cathode ray tubes Doug Haines Keith Taylor Murlan Kaufman Tektronix Inc 1982-03-30 1984-12-11
Patent US 4823076A US 4823076A Method and apparatus for triggering Doug Haines W. Riley Stock David E. Dobak Tektronix Inc 1986-03-17 1989-04-18
Patent US 4823189A US 4823189A Method and apparatus for creating a dither pattern Doug Haines Patrick E. Welborn Tektronix Inc 1987-05-08 1989-04-18