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The 7308  (European: E188CC) (P/N 154-0371-00) is a dual triode vacuum tube with a B9A (Noval) miniature 9-pin base, a premium drop-in replacement for the 6DJ8 (ECC88).

Aged/Checked/Matched Pair Details
Used in Tek Part# S/N Range
3S76, 4S1, 4S2, 4S3 157-00102-00 All


Tube aging procedure / Selection and checking procedure

Used in

It is used in the front-end of the 3S3 and 4S3. It is also used in the 3S76 and the 4S1, but in the memory.

Some instruments using part 7308

Instrument Manufacturer Class Model Description Introduced
3S3 Tektronix Plug-in 3S3 Dual-trace sampling plug-in 1963
3S76 Tektronix Plug-in 3S76 Dual Channel Sampling plug-in 1962
4S1 Tektronix Plug-in 4S1 Dual channel sampling plugin 1962
4S2A Tektronix Plug-in 4S2A Dual channel sampling plugin 1965
4S3 Tektronix Plug-in 4S3 1 GHz dual-trace sampling plugin 1963
S-311 Tektronix Plug-in S-311 Programmable dual-trace sampling plug-in 1965