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6DJ8 Tube

The 6DJ8  (European: ECC88) (P/N 154-0305-00) is a dual triode tube with a 6.3 V, 365 mA heater and a B9A (Noval) miniature 9-pin base.

The high-reliability version is the 6922 aka E88CC (Tek P/N 154-0371-00) or 8416 (with 12.6 V heater).

With 15 mA of plate current, 90 V plate-to-cathode voltage, and −1.3 V grid-to-cathode, the 6DJ8 provides 12.5 mS of transconductance with a plate resistance of about 2.5 kΩ.

The 6DJ8 and its variants are used extensively in many Tektronix instruments of the tube era.

As of 2021, 6DJ8 tubes are still manufactured and used and new old stock (NOS) 6DJ8s can also be obtained easily. The 6DJ8 is sought after by the tube audio community, leading to exaggerated prices and occasional cannibalism of classic Tek gear.

Tek part numbers:

  • 154-0305-00 = 6DJ8
  • 154-0195-00 = 6922
  • 154-0413-00 = 8416
Aged/Checked/Matched Pair Details
Used in Tek Part# S/N Range
1121 (V424) 157-0060-00 All
519 (V184,V194) 157-0060-00 All
503 (V334,V434) 157-0066-00 Upto-6977
2A63 (V334,V434) 157-0066-00 Upto-7660
3A8 157-0116-00 (8416) All
2A63 157-0120-00 7660-Up
Unknown 157-0122-00 N/A
544, 546, 547, 556 157-0125-00 N/A


Tube aging procedure / Selection and checking procedure


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