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Elektronikus Mérőkészülékek Gyára ("Factory of Electronic Measuring Devices") aka EMG, was a Hungarian company producing electronic test and measurement equipment.

New EMG scope offerings of 1981 (from company leaflet)

EMG was founded in 1950 as a spin-off of the "Orion" consumer electronics company, and closed in 1991. The site of the main factory is an industrial park today.

They made instruments and associated plug-in modules in the 1970s that were non-identical clones of Tektronix models, such as the TR-4653 aka EMG-1555 which is based on the Tektronix 647A, or the TR-4602 aka EMG-1552 based on the Tektronix 551.

In the early 1980s, EMG produced the TR-4658 aka EMG-1556 which bears strong resemblance to the Tektronix 76xx series.


Products by EMG

Model Class Series Description Introduced Discontinued
TR-4602 Oscilloscope 25 MHz dual beam oscilloscope (?) (?)
TR-4653 Oscilloscope Clone of the Tektronix 647A (?) (?)