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Melvin J. (Jack) Murdock

Melvin J. (Jack) Murdock (b. August 15, 1917 – d. May 16, 1971) was a businessman.

Murdock ran an electrical appliances and radio shop and repair service in Portland, Oregon. In 1936, Murdoch hired Howard Vollum as a technician.

During World War II, Murdock served in the Coast Guard. In 1946, Murdock and Vollum co-founded Tektronix, stating its purpose in the articles of incorporation as "to install, repair, service and sell, purchase, manufacture and otherwise acquire and deal in radio and other instruments." By 1951, the company had 300 employees and sales of $4 million; by 1959, there were 3,000 employees with sales at $32 million.

Murdock first served as Vice President and General Manager of Tektronix. In 1960, he was elected Chairman of the Board, a position he held until his death in a seaplane accident on the Columbia River on May 16, 1971.